Why I joined Testim.io

After reading our President's article about why he joined Testim.io, I was so inspired that I have decided to continue this tradition!

Today, I'm joining Testim.io as a QA Automation engineer.
Testim.io applies a high accent to “The human material”. They are very picky about who joins the team, and I can understand why. Dedication, professionalism, and productiveness are highly important for a fast-growing, cutting-edge technological company.

How I met Oren Rubin

For as far as I can remember, I always tried to be active in QA and Automation forums. It is a good opportunity to acquire knowledge for myself and to advise those who need help. As a highly experienced professional Oren always stood out in these forums with his helpful tips and advice, it was fascinating to see how much knowledge he has. Fast enough we started having long discussions and became friends. We finally met in person at a conference and he seemed to be one of the nicest and talented guys I had ever met. Immediately, I thought to myself, that will be truly an honor to work with him.

Why Testim.io?

History: Over the years, I have seen how organizations struggle, and at times fail, to implement their automation environment. At times an automation project can be “Thrown away”. Why? There are many reasons for failure to implement Automation in an organization - Lack of coding knowledge in the QA team, lack of available training, lack of resources/manpower, failure to choose the correct automation tools to get the maximum effective result, high expectation vs reality/ability, badly implemented infrastructure that makes maintenance and expansion highly difficult, infrastructures that are implemented by a non-experienced automation developers, unstable environments and undefined automation expectations/goals/requirements all of which can make an organization waste time and money without returning the investment.

The product: I believe that Testim.io has the potential to change the way we perceive test automation. It resolves a lot of the challenges in which other tools fail and in my opinion, it is a revolutionary tool. I remember the first time I tested the product and got to know its features, the first thing I thought was "Wow, that would take me hours to do in Java!". It just makes things a lot easier. Testim.io allows manual QA teams to implement their own automation without being dependent on developers to maintain or set up the infrastructure/environment. The setup is close to none, and it allows the QA teams to take responsibility for their own testing suites. Teams can author automation-designated test cases and maintain them as a part of their everyday work. Testim.io has a fast learning curve, and with its automatic maintenance, which saves everyone a lot of the Sisyphean work so from the ROI-perception it does the job AWESOME!

I think that when you believe in a product and see Its potential from your own past experience - you can truly benefit the team, be motivated and productive and feel satisfied and fulfilled by your work.

The team: Career-wise, Testim.io gives me the opportunity to work hands-on with true cutting edge technology. What better way to learn than to work up close with highly talented tech wizards, these guys are cool!
It is also a chance to learn a lot, and anyone who knows me will tell you that learning is my number one motivation.

About testim.io: Testim.io uses machine learning to speed the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests. A developer can author a test case in minutes and execute them on multiple web and mobile platforms. We learn from every execution, self-improving the stability of test cases, resulting in a test suite that doesn't break on every code change. We analyze hundreds of attributes in real-time to identify each element vs. static locators. Little effort, if any, is then required to maintain these test cases yet they are stable and trustworthy. (From the official Testim.io website)

With that said,
If you are looking for a powerful, yet simple test automation platform to help you author stable tests  —  please reach out.



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