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5 Ways to Fail With Your Test Automation

In theory, Test Automation tools are supposed to make things easier in regression detection and release flow, save time and provide us with an additional comfort blanket for our test coverage. And yet, so many organisations fail to implement a good, solid and scalable Test Automation infrastructure that could, in fact, save them time and return the invested resources. Some "Throw away" written Test-automation projects and others sustained in an on-going struggle with their goals to make a stable Automation suite. Over the years I have seen many companies trying to implement their automation initiatives, I have seen written projects thrown away, frameworks switched and managers being fired because they failed to deliver what was promised or set as a goal. There are many reasons for failure, and though automation makes perfect sense in the long run, we do need to realize that it is a lot more challenging than it seems. Here are some of the things to be aware of before yo