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Why I joined

After reading our President's article about why he joined, I was so inspired that I have decided to continue this tradition! Today, I'm joining as a QA Automation engineer. applies a high accent to “The human material”. They are very picky about who joins the team, and I can understand why. Dedication, professionalism, and productiveness are highly important for a fast-growing, cutting-edge technological company. How I met Oren Rubin For as far as I can remember, I always tried to be active in QA and Automation forums. It is a good opportunity to acquire knowledge for myself and to advise those who need help. As a highly experienced professional Oren always stood out in these forums with his helpful tips and advice, it was fascinating to see how much knowledge he has. Fast enough we started having long discussions and became friends. We finally met in person at a conference and he seemed to be one of the nicest and talented guys I