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QA on remote control

A few years ago I had the great pleasure and challenge to be remotely employed as a QA engineer in a startup company, and it has its fair share of challenges.
Try to imagine:
The center of activity is miles away, you are short of information, mostly you don't get updated online when a change in requirements is made.You can't give your input in design reviews and at times you will be updated last on a change that in your opinion doesn't make any sense. In fact, you will probably have no say in most of the design issues. As a QA Engineer, I can tell you that pressing the "Off button" on your criticism is not as simple as changing a channel. You are updated last about changes in deadline and priority. At times you can spend an hour testing a module, while the developers are working on changing it.Sometimes you receive a short message to deliver X result in Y time, change your testing priorities or switch to testing another module ASAP, without even knowing what stood…