Automation - Devops Meetup summary 8-11-18

Automation - Devops Meetup summary 8-11-2018
Last Thursday, "Atid" college in collaboration with "Optimove" hosted an Amazing "When Test Automation meets Devops" Meetup.
The meetup started at 18:00 with some cold beer and welcome notes by Tomer Caspy - QA Director, Optimove.

Tomer Caspy - QA Director - "Optimove"

After that, Yoni Flenner went on stage and talked about "Unit testing frameworks"

Yoni Flenner - Founder of "Atid" college"

After that I took the stage...

I had the great pleasure of delivering a lecture called "Demystifying Selenium Grid". We saw what is Selenium grid, how it works, what it looks like and why we need it.

The following lecture I gave was about Docker.
We saw how Docker changed the way we perceive virtualization and how "Dockerized" grids can scale up our immutable infrastructure.

The lecture was followed by the first ever "Selenium Tag" game!
It was open to everyone, and t…

Selenium 4 - and its bucket of surprises

 Selenium 4 - and its bucket of surprises

Selenium 4 is about to be released by the end of this year, which makes a lot of us wonder - what surprises are we in for?
Selenium-webdriver is the number one free open source testing framework which is being used by many organization as their main reliance for UI test automation. Selenium's API is also partially used by different free and commercial testing tools. With that being said, we should try and better understand our mysterious partner for automation adventures. Let's review in a nutshell some of the things that are in the bucket for the upcoming version.
In this upcoming version, we are in for some new treats

Selenium IDE is being revived : As some of us may remember, In August of 2017 it was announced that as of Firefox 55 Selenium IDE would no longer be supported. Selenium IDE or as the Selenium community refers to it - the Legacy IDE was, and is, dead. Since then a lot has happened with it. The Selenium community along with co…

צעדים ראשונים - המדריך לבודק המתחיל חלק א

"צעדים ראשונים" - המדריך לבודק המתחיל

חלק א
מאת: לי-אור וסרצוג מקובר ודניאל גולד

שלום לכל המתעניינים בתחום הבדיקות, שוקלים לעשות הסבה מקצועית לתחום או אלו שנמצאים כבר בתוך התהליך. חוסר הוודאות, השאלות הרבות שלא נותנות מנוח, כל אלו מוכרים לנו מקרוב כאנשים שעשו הסבה בעצמם מתחומי עיסוק שונים לחלוטין. לאחר מחשבה לא מבוטלת החלטנו ליזום סדרת מאמרים, שתנסה לתת מענה עבור אלו שזה כל כך נחוץ להם וללוות את אלו שכבר נכנסו לתחום ונמצאים בתחילת דרכם. בנוסף, ריכזנו מספר מאמרים חשובים שיענו לכם על שאלות שכיחות נוספות.
עלינו דניאל גולד היי, אני דניאל, QA Lead & Automation Engineer בחברת בנוסף לעבודה התובענית בחברה צומחת (ממנה אני נהנה רבות), אני מרצה אורח לתחום הבדיקות ובעל בלוג טכנולוגי שזוכה לקוראים רבים וסקירות בפלטפורמות בארץ ולאחרונה גם בעולם. לתחום הבדיקות הגעתי מתוך בחירה מודעת. בחירה לעשות את מה שמאתגר אותי, בחירה לקום בבוקר ולעשות משהו משמעותי, בחירה לעבוד עם הראש ולהפעיל מחשבה יצירתית, בחירה לנצל את כל מה שמסובך באופי שלי בשביל להיות איש מקצוע טוב ומוערך. ביקורתיות, סירוב …

Role-playing - not a dirty word

Role-playing - not a dirty word
"Testing Personas" or "User Personas" are a common tool in the "Testing world". Each character represents a certain percentage of the product's users. Using this method, we are able to create possible realistic usage scenarios, and "edge scenarios", Considering the habits and Uniqueness of the characters we will adopt. Testing Personas are used by Testers and product managers while writing specification documents/User stories.
About a month ago I had the honor to participate in an interesting panel of Testers. During the meeting a conversation occurred between two team leaders. It caught my full attention. They talked about a testing method called "Testing Personas". I found myself totally fascinated by the conversation, because it was one of the things that makes me love this profession so much. The privilege to use my imagination, to question, to explore, to think of "the unexpected" that i…

Alone in battle - How to survive being the only tester in a startup

Alone in battle - How to survive being the only tester in a startup

Congratulations! you have joined a startup as the only tester. Now, take a cold glass of water and let's talk about the challenges you will face and how to survive to tell about them.

When I first joined a startup as the only tester I had no idea what I was getting into. Yeh sure, you hear about the long hours, the technological challenge, the fast pace and the lack of clear requirements (And sometimes consistent agenda) but the truth is that nothing can prep you to the real deal. When I got into it I could sure use some advice or an article like this one, so consider this my two cents to the future generation of frontline testers.
1. Get to know your surrounding and the way things work - I remember the first few weeks, you come into these guys greenhouse with an Idea of how things should work (or how they worked just fine in the last mega company/ corporate you worked in). There were written specs, documentation a…

My road to test automation

Hi, I'm Daniel Gold, QA lead & Automation Engineer.

Let me start by clearing something up, I do not believe in the term “Manual QA”. There is a tester, a good tester, and an excellent tester, and as such he should have a wide toolset that includes code and automation. The ability to apply all that is necessary to implement an all-around test infrastructure is what makes a tester so valuable to an organization. I also believe that understanding the QA process and company's business logic can highly benefit the productiveness of an automation engineer.

How it all began...
Even at the beginning of my journey as a QA Engineer, I understood that in order to become a more versatile tester I should acquire knowledge in at least one OO programming language, and understand the concept of test automation. At first, I started exploring famous veterans such as QTP and Selenium IDE. That was the first time I touched and felt automation guided by youtube tutorials and online documentation.…

Software Quality in the Race of Release

Time is money. How many times have you heard that?
We are truly a “Startup nation” constantly racing against the clock to deliver multiple features and execute sprint content, to meet our customer’s demands. This intense pace is an everyday reality. As a QA Engineer that has worked with and in different organizations, I have experienced it up-close and personal.
On one side there are owners and investors – they want to see growth. On the other side, there are customers – they want features and capabilities that work. And then there is us, Testers – we want to deliver quality.
But, how do we fit in this never-ending race?
Let’s start by defining software quality and how would you measure it? Well, how would you define a high-quality watch, car, or a clothing item?
Could it be that from using the product you can feel that its creator/maker used good materials (even if it means that the price would be higher)? If you use it for a long time, would it still be preserved from standard wear and t…