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Executing a Maven job using Jenkins declarative pipeline

In this article we will discuss Jenkins declarative pipeline, and see how we can build our own basic maven execution. Breaking down the pipes: I always use the following drawing to explain the general concept of a pipeline. Close your eyes and imagine a pipe construction that represents your companies release/deployment flow.  There is an entrance and exit point, and the entire pipe construction consists of different parts/stages that make the pipe hold and contain the flow. If one of the stages will break, the flow will stop and leak out of that specific part, until it is fixed. Now, open your eyes. That my friends, is a standard delivery pipeline.  In Jenkins, we have the possibility to build that pipe construction using something that is called the Jenkins Pipeline. At first, it was a script that described the different stages of the build, and later on it has evolved and grew in popularity and feature count. The Declarative pipeline syntax is a relatively new addition in Jenkins. I