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A quick intro to MongoDB

  In this blogpost we are going to take a quick look at one of the most popular peaces of modern technology, MongoDB. What is MongoDB? MongoDB is an open source, NoSql, non-relational, schema-less, document-oriented data base. In Mongo, data is organised in a Binary Json document format which is called a Collection. The basic differences between Mongo and a relational data base such as PostgreSQL can be summarised as: Collections INSTEAD OF Tables Documents INSTEAD OF Rows Fields INSTEAD OF columns Installation and Interface. MongoDB can be downloaded from their official website . If you are on a Mac, you can easily use the Homebrew  package manager.  Once the installation is completed just start the MongoDB service to initiate a local DB server. Connecting to the DataBase. To start using my database, I'm going to use a client called RoboMongo (Robo 3T) which can be downloaded from this link Once the client is installed, we can begin by connecting to our DataBase. To initiate a new