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Who are you, Docker?

"Docker" is a big buzzword these days. Everybody wants to use it, everybody wants to learn about it. but who is this mysterious whale? Let's start by defining what is Docker.  Docker is a tool that is designed to make it easier for us to perform virtualization tasks and to create deploy and run applications in a different way than we used to. With Docker, we can perform these tasks using Containers. (We will understand what that is in a bit). Virtualization in a nut-shell. Virtualization is a process of creating something Virtual rather than actual. This process allows us to create instances of operating systems, applications and environments without having them physically present on our work station or a dedicated remote machine. There are several very popular and well-known solutions for virtualization purposes such as KVM, VMbox, Vagrant, Ovirt, etc... So what is the hype around Docker and how is it different from a standard VM? Well, Docker uses a