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Safari Automation on AWS - what we learned from the process

Intro It all started with a realization within our automation team: a significant percentage of our product users were browsing our website using macOS and Safari. As we delved deeper into our analytics data, it became evident that we needed to provide our QA teams with the ability to run their cross-browser and cross-platform tests on Safari as well. macOS and Safari bring with them a set of unique characteristics and quirks that can significantly impact the user experience and from a Test Automation standpoint a very challenging platform to support.  What makes Safari so special?  Safari, as the default browser for macOS users, introduces a distinct set of behaviors and rendering nuances that differentiate it from other browsers. From differences in font rendering and CSS handling to variations in JavaScript performance and browser behavior, Safari presents a dynamic testing landscape that requires meticulous attention to detail. Font rendering and CSS handling, for example, may exhi