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Docker cheat sheet - Get to know the most common docker commands

  Docker is a very popular piece of technology. It is being heavily used for the past several years in Development/QA teams. In this post, we are going to list the most common docker terminal commands that will make your life easier, and serve as a glossary/cheat sheet when you need a reminder on how to perform a certain operation.  On this note, if you haven't read my previous articles about docker I would strongly advise you to start from reading those as well. $docker login <repository> This command allows you to login to docker hub or any other remote repository of your choice.  $docker ps This command will list all currently running containers on the machine it is executed on. $docker ps -a/--all This will list all containers both running and stopped. $docker run <image>:<version> /  $docker container run  <image>:<version> $docker run will do the following : Check if the image exists locally