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Build and publish your own Image with Docker and Artifactory

The true power of docker, having the ability to pack and ship your application, so others could run unlimited amount of containers based on our Image that contains our application code. In this post we are going to build our own docker image from scratch, and publish it to a remote repository. Define the flow A standard flow of packaging and shipping our app would look something like this: 1. Create a Dockerfile which will contain our set of layers and "instructions" for designing our image. 2. Build the image which will serve as a "Master template" for our application containers. 3. Publish our build to a repository so others could pull and run containers from our Image.  (In our example we are going to uje JFrog Artifactory.) Let's get to work... 1. Create a Dockerfile. A Dokcerfile is basically a text file that contains a set of commands which will assemble our Image. (An Image is much like a base template). For this example, we will build a simple "Hell