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Selenium 4 - and its bucket of surprises

 Selenium 4 - and its bucket of surprises Selenium 4 is about to be released by the end of this year, which makes a lot of us wonder - what surprises are we in for? Selenium-webdriver is the number one free open source testing framework which is being used by many organization as their main reliance for UI test automation. Selenium's API is also partially used by different free and commercial testing tools. With that being said, we should try and better understand our mysterious partner for automation adventures. Let's review in a nutshell some of the things that are in the bucket for the upcoming version. In this upcoming version, we are in for some new treats Selenium IDE is being revived : As some of us may remember, In August of  2017  it was announced that as of Firefox 55 Selenium IDE would no longer be supported. Selenium IDE or as the Selenium community refers to it - the Legacy IDE was, and is, dead. Since then a lot has happened with it. The Sel