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Role-playing - not a dirty word

Role-playing - not a dirty word "Testing Personas" or "User Personas" are a common tool in the "Testing world". Each character represents a certain percentage of the product's users. Using this method, we are able to create possible realistic usage scenarios, and "edge scenarios", Considering the habits and Uniqueness of the characters we will adopt. Testing Personas are used by Testers and product managers while writing specification documents/User stories. About a month ago I had the honor to participate in an interesting panel of Testers. During the meeting a conversation occurred between two team leaders. It caught my full attention. They talked about a testing method called "Testing Personas". I found myself totally fascinated by the conversation, because it was one of the things that makes me love this profession so much. The privilege to use my imagination, to question, to explore, to think of "the unexpected&q