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Automation - Devops Meetup summary 8-11-18

Automation - Devops Meetup summary 8-11-2018 Last Thursday, "Atid" college in collaboration with "Optimove" hosted an Amazing "When Test Automation meets Devops" Meetup. The meetup started at 18:00 with some cold beer and welcome notes by Tomer Caspy - QA Director, Optimove. Tomer Caspy - QA Director - "Optimove" After that, Yoni Flenner went on stage and talked about "Unit testing frameworks" Yoni Flenner - Founder of "Atid" college" After that I took the stage... I had the great pleasure of delivering a lecture called "Demystifying Selenium Grid". We saw what is Selenium grid, how it works, what it looks like and why we need it. The following lecture I gave was about Docker. We saw how Docker changed the way we perceive virtualization and how "Dockerized" grids can scale up our immutable infrastructure. The lecture was followed by the first ever "Selenium Tag"