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"A bug in comprehension" - reviews as a part of the testing process

A bug in comprehension reviews as a part of the testing process "It's not a bug, it's a bug in comprehension..." A perfectly amusing phrase from the head of the development team in an organization I worked in during a discussion with the project manager. But, what it's all about? The organizational culture varies from company to company, as are the types of tests required by the QA team. There are quite a few companies in which the tester is required to examine the quality of the characterization documents (Specs, FD's and User stories) prior to transferring it to development. In the organizations in which I have worked, no Change Request, User Story, is being transferred to development without the approval of the tester assigned to the project, who is a key figure in the "life cycle" of the product. Lack of coordination and Inadequate characteristics, means that the final product may be different from the poet's intention,