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Teach more - lecture less

Recently I had the great pleasure of teaching and lecturing to QA students. It was an amazing chance to challenge myself, learn about myself and get a positive sense of meaningful activity. The First few minutes I have to admit that teaching is harder than it seems. It has its fair share of challenges that I will try to cover in this article, and it all starts with the first minute you enter the classroom. “There is no second chance to make a first impression” applies here because as you enter the room, the first few minutes are critical for the student’s perception of you. Imagine, you enter a room with 20-30 strangers, they are staring at you and examining you. They try to understand, do they like you? Can they connect with you? Are you clear and accessible to them? At this point, it is best to just take a deep breath, smile and start talking to break the ice. The great challenge of capturing their attention Keeping 20 young students focused on you and atten