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My road to test automation

Hi, I'm Daniel Gold, QA lead & Automation Engineer.

Let me start by clearing something up, I do not believe in the term “Manual QA”. There is a tester, a good tester, and an excellent tester, and as such he should have a wide toolset that includes code and automation. The ability to apply all that is necessary to implement an all-around test infrastructure is what makes a tester so valuable to an organization. I also believe that understanding the QA process and company's business logic can highly benefit the productiveness of an automation engineer.

How it all began...
Even at the beginning of my journey as a QA Engineer, I understood that in order to become a more versatile tester I should acquire knowledge in at least one OO programming language, and understand the concept of test automation. At first, I started exploring famous veterans such as QTP and Selenium IDE. That was the first time I touched and felt automation guided by youtube tutorials and online documentation.…